Whispering Hills Farm (WHF) has a strong desire to not only maintain Heritage Shorthorn genetics but to expand their reach in the cattle industry and to provide unique heritage genetics to other Heritage Shorthorn breeders. We have now started our cow-friendly IVF program which is totally hormone free. No hormones are used in either the production of our embryos or their eventual implantation. This a revolutionary concept but we believe it is the right thing to do. We use our own cows for receipts so that we can maintain our strict health standards.

The first calf produced through this methodology is due to be born in mid-May. WHF already has embryos ready to implant next spring for additional calves. Over the next several years IVF will allow WHF to use rare Heritage bulls that we only have small amounts of semen left on but still produce significant numbers of offspring. This will guarantee further preservation of Heritage Shorthorns while providing opportunities for Heritage Shorthorn breeders to expand their genetic base.

We will be updating this section on a regular basis as we move forward with our IVF program.