All of our cattle are hormone and antibiotic free, and raised on grass pastures and hay.


The steers are American Shorthorns, which is one of the traditional meat breeds of American cattle. They are known for natural marbling under grass fed conditions. This results in a steer that has all the healthy qualities of a natural grass fed steer, but the tenderness and marbling of a corn fed feedlot steer. The Shorthorn cattle are a calm breed and ours are raised under low stress conditions, which also helps to differentiate our grass fed steers from those typically offered for sale. In addition our steers are antibiotic and hormone free.

The spring calves are typically marketed at a year & a half of age in the fall; however we do have some born at differing times of the year, so they are maturing at other times of the year. Because we have selected for larger framed cattle, ours reach market weight at a younger age than many other cattle.

The steers can be purchased “on the farm” for you to transport to a butcher of your choice, or you can purchase part or all of a steer to be picked up as packages of cut & wrapped meat from Mt. Angel Meat Company in Mt. Angel, OR. We sell meat by the whole steer, half of a steer, or by “split quarter” of a steer. (We do not sell individual steaks, ribs, roasts, etc.)

*We are taking orders for 2019 and will have increased availability due to an increase in our cow herd.