Fortunately for the Shorthorn breed there exists a treasure trove of old Shorthorn semen to build a new, better Shorthorn. Hindsight is 20/20 certainly applies to the Shorthorn breed. There have been multiple cycles in their evolvement over the last 250 years, many of which have been negative. Whispering Hills Farm has accumulated a large, diverse stockpile of Shorthorn semen that goes back almost 70 years. This store of semen, from many of the best Shorthorn bulls that have ever existed, is being utilized in our breeding and IVF programs. Because of the availability and implementation of new technology we have the opportunity to develop a breeding and IVF program that supersedes any previous attempt to improve the Shorthorn breed. By evaluating individual bulls and their progeny, WHF has the ability to combine the “best of the best” historical Shorthorn genetics and make them available to today’s Shorthorn breeder.