What you will get with us

  1. Smooth Polled Shorthorns (totally free of scurs) raised under totally naturally conditions so they easily adapt to any condition.
  2. Guaranteed Homozygous Polled heifers and bulls available. Bred heifers guaranteed to be carrying a heifer calf available on a limited basis.
  3. The most rigorous standards for reproduction including reproductive tract scoring and pelvic measurement.
  4. Strict selection for maternal traits because without this breeders end up at a dead end. Our cows raise their own calves.
  5. The most comprehensive health standards in the breed including testing for Bovine Leucosis Virus (BLV). Our entire herd has tested negative for BLV.
  6. Complete Johne's Disease testing of all adults on an annual basis. We have never had a positive and we participate in a Johne's Certification Program.
  7. Heifers selected for disposition so they are easy to work with.
  8. Honest birth weights whether they are 60# or 120#.
  9. Polled Shorthorns that represent the Shorthorn color spectrum.
  10. Rare and unique pedigrees that encompass the finest Heritage Shorthorns genetics in the world.

What you not will get with us

  1. No special diets (buckets of grain) that alter and pump up EPD results.
  2. No retained ET flushes. You buy her you own her.
  3. No exposure to Johne's Disease or Bovine Leucosis Virus through IVF or ET recipients.
  4. No usage of nurse cows to pump up growth and weaning weights.
  5. No retained tissue samples for later cloning of the same animal.
  6. No fudging of birth weights.
  7. No black Shorthorns-"Black Angus Syndrome". (What a travesty that certain breeders are now producing black Shorthorn pluses.)
  8. No emphasis on solid red color-"Red Angus Syndrome".