Purebred Shorthorns can be broken into two groups, Modern and Heritage. Given our concern for preserving purebred genetics, developing a quality group of Heritage Shorthorns was a natural evolution of our Polled Shorthorn herd. After visiting several Heritage Shorthorn herds we decided to purchase a group of heifers that were selected with the goal of raising easy keeping, fast growing beef, while maintaining the family milk cow tradition of classic Dual Purpose Milking Shorthorns. Most importantly they had to be able to do this under grass fed conditions.

We expected this group to evolve as we employed our rigid standards of selection in conjunction with the semen we have from approximately 125 of the truly great Shorthorn bulls of the 50's, 60's, and 70's. The constant improvement and diversity we are building in our herd is demonstrated by the fact we now have Heritage cows in our herd that are 3-5 generations beyond our original Heritage cows and incorporate some of the best Heritage Shorthorn genetics in the world.

Currently we are using a variety of Heritage Shorthorn bulls in our breeding program including Acadia Champagne, Boa Kae Royal Oak, Butte Lee Leader 45th, Eionmor Ultra 8C, Four Point Major, GX Spiro's Plumber 528, Kenmar Approval 6B, Kenmar President 26A, Mandalong Super Elephant, Seabreeze HD Fascination, Spiro, Whisper Royal Chief, Whisper Spiro's Roy, and Whisper Stryker. Contact us in Spring 2024 for inquiries on their offspring.