Originally located in Damascus, Oregon, Whispering Hills Farm was established in 1978. We started with a few grade ewes but soon realized we wanted to pursue the challenges of producing purebred sheep. After much deliberation we settled on Suffolks because of their style, size and productivity.

We visited many flocks and attended a large number of sheep shows looking for the right combination of genetics to build the Whisper Suffolk flock. A line breeding program was followed with the addition of rams through artificial insemination.

During this period we sold sheep into 38 states and Canada. Our flock was the first flock in the United States certified Scrapie free. Our flock was one of three utilized in the prion research done by Dr. Stanley Prusiner at the University of California at San Francisco Medical School for which he was eventually awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine.

In 1991 our ram "Stratford" was recognized by the Guinness Book of world Records as the largest sheep in the world. Whisper sheep won many shows in the United States and Canada.

In 2000 we had the opportunity to sell our farm and decided to pursue other interests. The elite brood ewes in our flock were sold to Rolling Hills Farm of Steubenville, Ohio but we retained an interest in all the semen from top Suffolk rams that we had stored. In 2006 we decided to purchase another larger farm that would allow us to expand our farming operations. After a prolonged search we finally purchased our farm in Dallas, Oregon. We had rebuilt our Suffolk Flock and developed a quality grass-fed Heritage Polled Shorthorns. After much deliberation we sold our Suffolk flock in the summer of 2018 to concentrate on our Heritage Polled Shorthorn Herd.


This is an aerial flyover of our farm in Perrydale, Oregon. We sit on an oak grove topped hill in the Willamette Valley west of Salem. Despite it being a dryer time of the year, the outlines from our rotational grazing fields can be clearly seen. Our Shorthorn cattle were happily grazing away as the drone flew by, but the sheep were somewhat less impressed by the loud buzzing of the rotors.

Our Current Farm in Perrydale, Oregon