Whispering Hills Farm is extremely fortunate to have a large variety of animals and birds periodically inhabiting our property. We constantly strive to blend the interests of the wildlife with the activities of the farm. At times this presents us with unique problems that necessitate ingenuity and compromise. One example is our use of raptor poles to encourage owls, kestrels, and hawks to help control voles. By providing perch opportunities for raptors in all our fields the birds have more feeding opportunities.

No-till seeding is utilized in the upgrading of our pastures. Use of rotational grazing allows our fields to rest and helps prevent any possible erosion issues. Pasture makeup consists of a blend of natural grasses with orchard, fescue, rye and white clover. During the growing season pastures are constantly clipped to maximize growth and control weeds.

Our oak savanna woods are slowly being returned to their natural state as they were neglected for over 50 years before we purchased the farm. Older oak savanna is becoming extremely rare in the Northwest and the preservation of this type of woodland has become a priority of the Soil Conservation Service. Ultimately the oak woods will encourage more diversity of wildlife yet provide grass and shade for our livestock.

Dedication to not only preserving but enhancing the land we farm through regenerative agricultural techniques has always been a primary goal. We periodically evaluate our management methods & goals to make sure we are employing the optimum farming practices.