Whisper Polled Shorthorns was started in 2007. After an exhaustive search, females were selected with a goal of raising easy keeping, fast growing beef, under grass fed conditions--yet they had to have classic Shorthorn style. They were all purchased privately. We then closed the Modern Shorthorn female side of the herd. All females in our Modern Shorthorn herd trace to 4 of these original cows.

Our entire Modern Shorthorn herd now consists of only Heritage Influenced Shorthorns. Many of our Modern Shorthorn females are utilized as recipients in our embryo transplant program because of their tremendous maternal characteristics and excellent milk production.

Our cattle Dec. 2008

Whisper "RC" 17K

Our property may be hilly but RC still stands tall.

Homozygous PolledA2/A2
Rosa's Commands 05
Whisper "Irene" 15H

RC checks all the boxes for what a lot of breeders want in a bull. He is homozygous polled, homozygous A2, dark red color, and heifer safe. He has excellent thickness with a smooth profile. His dam is a medium sized cow with an excellent udder. She epitomizes the words "easy keeper".


Artificial insemination is utilized on a selected basis to add/strengthen herd goals.


Whisper "Thunder" 3H

Shown enjoying the snowfall we received one winter.

Homozygous Polled
Whisper "Sparky"
Ash Valley "Maize" 7043

Thunder's dam has raised our fastest growing heifer or bull calf for 6 straight years. She is 10 years old, looks like she is 3, and still has an excellent udder.