The following rams were used to build and maintain the quality of the Whisper Suffolk flock. We constantly tried to match sires with dams that will produce Whisper lambs that have maximum genetic potential. The Tomorrow/Leeds line maximizes style, The Boz/Manchester line maximizes size, and the Keeper’s Kopy/Chinook line contributes thickness & longevity. Combine all three lines, and you have a Whisper Suffolk.

“Chinook” Heupel 2-301

Pick of first Keeper’s Kopy lamb crop.

“Manchester II” Whisper 41K

Boz son out of a Chinook daughter, on cover of 1994 "Banner".

“Keeper’s Kopy” Batie 99B

1981 Mid-West Sale Supreme Champion Ram.
His picture is featured on the 2012 United Suffolk Sheep Association Directory.

“The Boz” George Bros. 2659

Probably sired more Champion Suffolks than any other ram in breed history.

“Leeds” Whisper 1L

Sired by Tomorrow out of a Chinook daughter, on the cover of 1995 "Banner".

“Tomorrow” Chapman 90-062

1990 Reserve National Champion Ram as a ram lamb.


The Whisper Suffolk flock has been sold to Charles & Brittany Martin of Hermiston, Oregon. Contact information for the Martins can be found on their website: The Martins plan to continue producing Classic Heritage Suffolks based on the Whisper Flock.