All Whisper Suffolks are free of the Spider gene. The flock is certified Scrapie free and are primarily RR. Our original flock was the first flock in the United States to be certified Scrapie free.

Vaccinations include 7-way Clostridium and Tetanus, 4 times. We utilize the "Famacha" worming program that reduces worming frequency and facilitates our ability to select for parasite resistance. Parasite resistance is a growing problem in many flocks because of indiscriminate use of anthelmintics (wormers).

Our flock is free of many of the common health problems seen in other flocks such as footrot, Johne's disease, and OPP. All sheep are sold with a health report showing a history of vaccines and parasite control along with any other health or treatment information. We are dedicated to developing Suffolks that have the genetic makeup for low maintenance and high profitability.

Feed efficiency has become a large issue in raising livestock because of the increasing cost of commodities. Whisper brood ewes must have the genetic makeup to raise triplets without special attention. They are only fed a proprietary grain formulation and alfalfa during the first 7 weeks of lactation after which they are solely on pasture. Since all ewe lambs are bred, they are also fed using the same scheme. Lambs do not receive special feed--their creep feed is the same ration as their mothers. This method results in selection of lambs for feed efficiency.