What you will get with us

  1. Suffolks bloodlines available no where else because of semen we have from 1980's rams when Suffolks were definitely "the breed in the lead".
  2. Registration papers that reflect true Suffolks, not crossbreeds.
  3. Large Suffolks in every sense of the word. They have frame and mass.
  4. Ewes that consistently produce twins and triplets and have the milk to raise them.
  5. Tails docked leaving at least 3 coccygeal vertebrae as recommended by the American Veterinarian Medical Association.
  6. Ewes that have the ability to live 7-10 years.
  7. Vigorous rams that can be used on large numbers of ewes and maintain body condition. They are not pampered.
  8. Healthy Suffolks that do not have the common medical problems/diseases seen in sheep in today's marketplace.

What you not will get with us

  1. No crossbreed that has been issued registration papers by the United Suffolk Sheep Association, when it may only be 75% Suffolk. (Buyers need to ask about any recent crossbreeding.)
  2. No ewes that repeatedly produce singles and don't even produce enough milk to raise them.
  3. No so called "frame" Suffolks that are tall but have no body mass.
  4. No so called "market" or "club lamb" Suffolks that are short and dumpy and have difficulty lambing.
  5. No tails docked or "scooped out" so short that the first time a ewe lambs she prolapses. This is simply inhumane.
  6. No expectation for ewes to die at 3-5 years of age because longevity has been ignored.
  7. No rams that lack virility.
  8. No medical problems brought on by common sheep disease such as foot rot and ovine pleuropneumonia.