As a veterinarian with 35 years of experience incorporating all aspects of the sheep industry, Joe is well positioned to offer a wide variety of sheep consulting services to the small commercial, purebred, or beginning breeder. He is a member of the Academy of Veterinary Consultants and the American Association of Small Ruminant Practitioners. He is open to discussing any topics of interest to clients. Topics that can be discussed in a tailor made consulting conference can include the following:

We offer consulting at our farm, where the client can see the implementation of many sheep farming practices, or at the client's own farm.

Fee Schedule

Minimum two hours:
Half Day (4 hours):
Full Day (8 hours):

All fees are for one individual, couple, or immediate family. Fees are payable at time of service by cash or credit card. If consulting is at client's farm all travel expenses will be billed at cost with mileage at $1.25/mile one way.

**For those consulting clients who choose to purchase Suffolks from us we offer a one time 10% discount on one animal.